Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning:

SKDPL presents "SORU" a self contained oil vessels and reservoirs cleaning system. System can process different types of petroleum sludge. System includes SORU Main and optional Centrifuge mobile units.

  • Guaranteed Against Corrosion and Scaling
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • Can use any type of water for Cooling include sea Water
  • Canwith Stand -20°C to 200°C based on
  • No need of Using hi grade Material :- SS316,BASS,COPPER ,INCONEL,MONEL & TITANIUM
  • Canwith stand both inorganic and organic acids Corrosion
  • PH range 1-14


  • Mechanized Cleaning with decontamination of tank.
  • No man entry till last stage and final inspection
  • Tank cleaned within time frame
  • Oil & g rease content less than 1O% in disposable sludge - ilS :1448 [P: 30]-197O
  • O.5% water content in oil Recovered


  • Crude tanks
  • Sour water tanks
  • Oily surge sump
  • Lagoons

Process of Soru:

  • Install Our SORU in Zone 1.
  • Remove the Sludge/Crude from the tank through the special vacuum pump.
  • Sepa rate the Sludge wh ich is less than 6mm.
  • Heating the Sludge/Crude up to 80 Degree.
  • Sepa rate the Oil, Water and Solid by DECANTER


  • SKDPL has executed tank cleaning jobs in HMEL/EOL /RIL
  • Our Sludge Cleaning Capacity ranges from 150 mz to 3OOO mz