Feed Filter Cleaning

Feed Filter Cleaning:

Air Cooled Equipment’s consisting of THIN FINS get clogged with deposits , which hampers the Heat Transfer . Fins are so thin , that no physical cleaning is possible,SKDPL has developed FAOM CLEANING METHODS with EQUIPMENTS which can start the process in 1 Hr after Mobilization to site.


  • Job can start within 1 Hr after Mobilization
  • Reagents used have no effect on MOC – Al / SS/CS
  • Bio Degradable reagents have no effect on Human Geins
  • Bonding of scale broken on contact with FINS in 30 Minutes
  • Job of 100 Sq.Mtsr can be completed in 1 Hr .
  • Fire water for Flushing is used.
  • SKDPL Guarantees 15 t0 20 % Increase in efficiency after cleaning