Coating Against Corrosion

Coating Against Corrosion:

SKD PROVIDES Saekaphen COATING IN India on any Equipment’s against any types of scaling, Corrosion. After Coating Heat Exchangers can use any type of water including seawater for Cooling SAEKAPHEN GmbH is a 56 Year old German Company renowned in its field of Coatings.

  • Guaranteed Against Corrosion and Scaling
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • Can use any type of water for Cooling include sea Water
  • Canwith Stand -20°C to 200°C based on
  • No need of Using hi grade Material :- SS316,BASS,COPPER ,INCONEL,MONEL & TITANIUM
  • Canwith stand both inorganic and organic acids Corrosion
  • PH range 1-14