Chemical Cleaning Services

Chemical Cleaning Services:

Sri Krishna Descalers (SKD) , Specialists in the Field of Chemical Cleaning of Industrial Equipments with PAN INDIA PRESENCE , executing Jobs in Major Refineries , petrochemicals, Metals, Pharma and other Allied Industries .

Descaling of any type of Water FORMED Scale Deposits of the following Equipments of any Volume Pipelines, Oxygen Pipelines, Compressor Suction Lines, Heat Exchangers, Oil Coolers, Columns, Reactors, Half Coil Poly Reactors, Compressor Jackets, Plate Type Heat Exchangers, Equipments of all MOCS are Chemically Cleaned with a Guarantee of NO COROSSION to PARENT METAL

  • Cenriched Oxygen Pipe Lines
  • Boiler Feed Water Lines
  • Hydraulic Pipe Lines
  • Suction Dampener
  • Compressor Suction Lines
  • Tanks & Speres
  • Lube oil Line
  • Feed Filters
  • Cenriched Oxygen Pipe Lines